2023 Donor Survey Highlights

David ClarkAlumni/ Advancement

2023 Donor Survey Highlights

Donors give across the spectrum, from Blue & Gold to Athletics to individual departments

66% prefer to make an annual gift

67% prefer to donate cash (39% prefer check, 46% prefer online)

62% very satisfied

Nearly 2/3 prefer email; most prefer quarterly communications

Why Give to Spalding?

“I believe in Spalding’s mission. The people who work at Spalding are dedicated and competent.”

“I appreciate the education I received as a first-generation student in the 1960s and want to support others in having educational opportunity.”

“I am an alum and was a non-traditional learner. I want to support other non-traditional learners in realizing their dream/goal of achieving a college degree.”

“To support the educational legacy of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. I am a two-time graduate of Spalding University and have benefited greatly from those experiences.”

“To give back to an institution that has enabled me to obtain a doctorate at a later stage in life. I am committed to assisting educators in achieving their goals.”

“I donate because I feel it is my responsibility to give back to the institution that made me who I am today.”

How Can We Improve?

•A reception on campus annually….update talk from SU President.

•More data on success of students and programs.

•Just keep telling the story of Spalding students.

•Spotlight on students succeeding in the community.

•Stay in communication with Alumni and let us know how we can donate talent, time and treasure.

•A thank you note is enough.

•I am always interested in hearing about the Education Department and about how Spalding is meeting the needs of students who are financially challenged.

•Keep the school in the news by stories or ad campaigns.

•I always appreciate a handwritten note, preferably from a current student.

•Show how the funds are used.