851 Spotlight: James “KJ” Abrams

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Class of 2018

James “KJ” Abrams

851 Alumni Spotlight
8 Words
  • Encouraging
  • Positive
  • Inspiring
  • Humble

  • Passionate
  • Blessed
  • Determined
  • Thoughtful
5 Questions

01. What did you study at SU and when did you graduate?

Double Bachelors in Accounting and Business Administration 2017, Masters in Science Business Communication 2018

02. What is your professional role- how would you describe your work?

I recently just received a promotion at SummerWorks as the Community Engagement Specialist. In this role, I help bring awareness and register youth in the community ages 16-21 with employment opportunities. We like to call it the “The New Indeed, for the youth”. We provide over 3,000 job opportunities to the youth in Jefferson County.

I am also a mentor, basketball coach, and a business owner. My company O & O is a brand I started after overcoming depression. I have a 5 segment brand: Sports/Urban Clothing, Financial Literacy, Community, Sports, and Entertainment. I use my company as a platform to reach the youth for mentoring and coaching.

03. What are the ways SU helped prepare you for what you are currently experiencing both at work and in your personal life?

Two ways Spalding University has helped prepare me for my work and personal life:

1. Professor Dave Hudson’s classes helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. Coming into SU, I was never the best speaker nor presenter. After having Dave for many of my business courses, I knew I would have to do a presentations and participate in order to pass his class. So now, when I’m presenting, I think about presenting in Dave’s class. If I can present in Dave’s class, I can present anywhere.

2. Being at Spalding taught me how to be a diverse individual. Being surrounded around different races, cultures and ethnicities has taught me how adopt better in life. Now after having a business (O & O) I appeal my Brand to all races, cultures, and ethnicities. Being diverse helps me become more marketable as a professional.

04. What is your favorite memory from your time at SU?

My favorite memory at SU was in 2015 when we won the D3 SLIAC Basketball Conference Championship and traveling to Atlanta to play in the NCAA Tournament.

05. What was your favorite spot on campus as a student?

My favorite spot on campus was the Student Athlete Lounge. That was where I studied, took naps, and hangout with teammates.

1 Message

I’ll give you two quotes that helped change my life that I still live by today:

1. “Train your mind to see positivity in every situation.”
2. “Be the role model you needed when you were younger.”

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